Escape the Maze

Action packed, GPS triggered escape trail that challenges teams to puzzle their way back to reality.

1 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


Teams navigate a ‘real world’ adventure trail to escape a ‘virtual world’ mirrored on their tablet interface. Armed with and an ‘Action Pack’ full of vital gadgets and gizmos, participants must cipher their way through a number of game sectors and virtual checkpoints. Each sector is deviously designed to test team dynamics and challenge participants ability to communicate effectively on the run. As teams race across real word terrain towards GPS triggered checkpoints further puzzles, conundrums and hidden checkpoints are gradually revealed to exit and Escape the Maze. The answers and choices that teams make open secret alternative routes with ‘short cuts’ for the astute and ‘dastardly diversions’ for those not so lucky! With a choice of resources and aids that will actually influence how they progress, every decision has a consequence.

Learning Outcomes

A fast paced and highly interactive adventure through a virtual world. Problem solving is just the start, the team will need to work closely together highlighting team work, making decisions under pressure, trust, leadership, and learning from experience. Escape the Maze can be run as a competitive exercise where accountability, communication and time management are key.For a collaborative learning outcome, teams can approach the sectors at the same time, sharing their learning from success and failure as they progress by using the in-app messaging. In both cases teams need to work together at the end to save themselves.

Related Testimonial

Our millennial staff were immediately engaged in working through the multi-faceted puzzles. A practical enhancement of their effective communication, team dynamics, innovative thinking and problem solving skills.


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